About Clay Moore Engineering

Claymoore’s Bedford office

Claymoore Engineering was cofounded in March 2012 by Matt Moore and Clay Cristy.  Our mission at Claymoore is to provide our Clients with a value add and service based civil consulting firm. Throughout our careers we have gained valuable experience serving clients on their projects starting at the preliminary site selection/concept stages of a project all the way through the completion of construction.  It is common for ClayMoore to help their Clients through zoning applications, platting of properties, permitting of civil construction documents, and construction phase services.

Our experience encompasses numerous segments of commercial real estate development including: retail shopping centers, office buildings, multi-family buildings, schools and others educational facilities, as well as a focus in the senior living facilities.    Our experience has included projects in nearly all of the municipalities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Claymoore is committed to providing personalized service and is well aware that strong communication is needed in the initial stages of any real estate project.  Claymoore’s specific experience includes the following:

Zoning Assistance
Due Diligence Reports
Platting/Easement Coordination
Water/Wastewater Distribution Facilities
Erosion/Sediment Control Plans and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Franchise Utility Coordination
Grading Plans
Storm Water Management Systems
Paving and Dimensional Control Plans
TXDOT Coordination and Permitting for Driveways and Deceleration/Left Turn Lanes

Claymoore’s current specific project responsibilities specific include:

Project management & Engineering design
Attending and speaking at public meetings
Coordinating with municipal staff and franchise utility providers
Project scheduling
Lead coordination with other key project consultants